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    Clustering over Redhat Linux enterprise.

    Atul Kumar Newbie


      I am very new to Jboss and I have been assigned task to impliement Jboss AS cluster on linux. Since its first time and the server is going to be tested for production. These tests will decide our decision on JBoss selection. I want to know some of the things before hand as below, so that I give them a real time implimentation.

      - Do we need to setup Linux Cluster before installing Jboss and then cluster applications in Jboss? If YES, where can I get any documentation for it. If NO, how I have to proceed?

      - We are installing Jboss AS and our application is on EJB 3.0. So as per my understanding from documentation, AS will include everything for getting the application running, like it supports JSP's/SERVLET's, EJB's and includes a web server. Please let me if I am correct. If NO, what I have to install more these things to work?

      - Is there any documentation targeting AS clustering, so that I can start of setting up the server.

      If you have better ideas or suggestions w.r.t JBoss cluster on Linux, it will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance