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    Autodiscovery not working when JBoss run as Windows Service

    Adam Wynne Newbie

      I am attempting to run JBoss as a Windows Service using JavaService per the wiki doc:


      I have modified the JavaService installation batch script as necessary and am able to install JBoss as a Service with out any errors. However, when I start JBoss (using net start) on 2 nodes in the same cluster, the nodes do not auto-discover (each sees itself as part of own cluster according to the jmx-console) and I periodically get the error:

      10:56:36,107 WARN [NAKACK,] [node1:3301] discarded message from non-member server node2

      I do not get this error when I run the run.bat script manually on each node and each machine automatically discovers the other and the DefaultPartition shows both machines in jmx-console.

      Any help is appreciated.