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    Jboss Session Replication Problem

    Umesh VC Newbie

      Hi ,
      I have a web app (no ejb's) as a part of ear for which iam trying to set up session replication. Iam trying to replicate sessions in two machines A and B.

      A and B are able to recognize each other as being a part the same partition (cluster-service.xml) and cluster (tc5-cluster....xml). Both servers start up without a problem.

      I logged into machine A , which will create session variable for login and password and then tried to hit a deep link in machine B.

      From what i understand because the session is replicated, machine b should not take me to the login page and i shd be directly routed to the deep link. But this is not happening instead iam routed back to the login page of machine b.

      I have went through the viewDemo test and a lot of other configurations that was suggested in the forums what am i doing wrong?

      THanks in advance