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    Setting bind_addr after using -b startup option

    Anne Cotter Newbie

      I am using the -b startup option to set the jboss.bind.address

      org.jboss.Main.main(new String[] {"-b10.10.1.1"});

      Looking at the jboss code, this seems to also set the bind_addr variable used by JGroups.

      I want the cluster traffic to use a different address, so I set it in the cluster-service.xml file

      <TCP bind_addr="" start_port="11800" loopback="true" />

      However, when I start JBoss the cluster service is binding to the address passed on startup with the -b option (not the one defined in cluster-service.xml)

      Any ideas on how to set the bind_addr correctly after using the -b startup option?

      Thank you in advance!