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    I cannot get my application to cluster properly

    Russ Weingartz Newbie


      i have seen a couple similar posts to my problem but not the resolution. I am trying to make clustering work but whenever i drop one node the client sessions die as well because i am losing authentication. I am using mod_jk 1.2 as a load balancer and can get a simple server.war example to cluster nicely in the same environment as my app. i can also get my app to load balance so i the machines are seeing / talking to one another. we are pretty sure it's a simple setup issue but cannot figure it out.

      this may help: for our DefaultPartition we are using JBoss or tomcat clustering (developer was not sure but it's the default from All configuration). Then we use Oscache for our application and also setup some group cache stuff so our app can find the correct configuration server. to acheive that we modified jndi-naming in the jboss-service.xml file to assign ip addresses and cluster for our apps.

      can you offer any suggestions?