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    LAN cluster with WAN for geographical failover

    Kumar Pandey Newbie

      I'm looking into the JBoss clustering to achive both scalability in LAN setting and inclusion of a node in WAN in case of geographical failover.

      Here's the setting I'm thinking about -

      LAN clusters in location A doing IP Multicast which will be the primary servers. Add a node in location B to this cluster with TCP over WAN.

      I had few questions ?
      1. Are there real world deployment in this configurations? In other words has Jboss clustering been used to achieve geographical failovers?

      If answer to 1 is yes then

      2. Is it possible to run the node in location B in lower priority so that nodes in location A will always have higher priority. In this case location B node will only be activated in case of site failure of location A.

      Kumar Pandey

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          Kumar Pandey Newbie

          Let me refine my question as I dig more dipper into it.

          I've been able to run two nodes on different IP addresses (on same subnet) with following settings using JBoss 3.2.8 sp1
          1) Both nodes using TCP (although I had some issues like restart of one node not seeing the exisiting group so both instances running on Master mode etc.)
          2) Both nodes using MULTICAST

          However is the following configuration possible out of the box?

          LAN Cluster using Multicast <---> TCP over WAN <---> LAN Cluster(or just a single node) under same partition

          does all the nodes in LAN also has to be configured in TCP mode in which case we loose the Auto discovery.

          Kumar Pandey