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    load balancer redirection problem on jboss 4.02

    Baskar G Newbie


      I am configering load balancer for my two back end nodes.

      Here is my setup:

      I have created three nodes node1 , node2 , lb_node.

      in node1 and node2 my application is running.

      In lb_node I copied the <jboss_home>/docs/examples/varia/loadbalancer/loadbalancer.sar in to deploy directory of lb_node.

      I configered RoundRobinSchedulerService in

      <jboss_home>/server/lb_node/deploy/loadbalancer.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml. which is like


      <!-- Use sticky sessions ? -->

      <!-- The name of the session-cookie to use -->

      <!-- The list of the target hosts -->

      <!-- The URL to use to connect the host. URLs like http://www.xx.yy:8080/ are also allowed -->


      I started all the three nodes. when i hit the load balancer from the browser

      browser address space shows http://loadbalancerIP:<lb_port>/

      when ever my application redirects

      browser address space shows http://backendnodeIP:<Node_PORT>/

      i am getting the info message in loadbalance like

      [HttpMethosBase]Redirect requested but followRedirects is diabled

      is i need to enable the followRedirects any where ?


      Baskar G