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    Cluster with different operating systems?

    Petrich Populatio Newbie

      I am trying to build a small JBoss cluster for demonstration purposes at my university.
      For this purpose, I have installed two vmware machines running Ubuntu Linux on my laptop running Windows XP. The JBoss servers running in the virtual Linux systems find each other perfectly, but when I start another JBoss in Windows, it won't join the cluster although it's sitting in the same subnet as the others.
      There are warning messages appearing on the Linux JBoss consoles like this one:

      WARN [NAKACK] [ (additional data: 28 bytes)] discarded message from non-member (additional data: 18 bytes) is the respective Linux system's IP address, and is the IP address of the Windows host, as you might have guessed :)
      The messages appear only on the Linux machines: When I start the Windows JBoss before the Linux versions, nothing happens until I shut down the Windows JBoss - then again, I get the same message as quoted.
      I have already changed the loopback attribute in the cluster-service.xml file to true on the Windows JBoss.

      Is this intended behaviour, as to prevent the forming of clusters with multiple OS's, or am I doing something wrong? Any tips would be appreciated :)