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    How to use BMT and CMT together within a JBoss cluster?

    Gabriel Friedrich Newbie


      I´m using a JBoss-Cluster (v4.0.3 SP1) with 2 nodes.
      There are Bean1 (Stateful SessionBean) on node1
      and Bean2 (Stateless SessionBean) on node2.
      Bean1 uses Bean Managed Transaction BMT and
      Bean2 uses Container Managed Transaction CMT.

      Is it possible to do the following:
      Starting a transaction using Bean1 on node1 and using a Bean1
      methode to look up to Bean2 on node2. The Bean2 shall use
      the transaction started by Bean1.
      Is this changeover from BMT to CMT possible
      or is there a restriction in JBoss clustering?

      I have created this szenario but if Bean1 calls Bean2 the
      EJB-Container creates a new transaction and commits it immediately
      due to Bean2 CMT. That´s not good. Bean2 should use the
      transaction created by Bean1.

      Any ideas?