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    Remote backup application server

    David Lilley Newbie

      I have a JBoss 4.03 server cluster, but my client wants an offsite backup server that can be used if the entire primary cluster goes down. I have looked for posts for anyone doing something similar, and so far I haven't see any.

      Here are a few approaches I have considered, which may are may not even be feasible.

      1. Passing updates to a JMS queue as a message, to which the remote backup server subscribes (?then decodes the message and applies the update.)
      2. Using Remoting to pass the updates to the remote backup server (session facades)
      3. Deploy the application as a web service, to which the remote backup server subscribes
      4. DB replication (outside of JBoss)
      5. ...or is there something already built to handle this that I have not even considered (very likely)

      Dave Lilley