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    Clustering of ResourceAdapter (RAR)

    Michael Grübsch Newbie


      I understand that JBoss is able to cluster EJBs and some core services. In addition JBoss can deploy an application accross the whole cluster using a farm directory.

      Suppose you have an EAR, which contains the EJB Application and a ResourceAdapter (RAR). The EAR is deployed to the cluster's farm directory. What happens with the RAR:

      Is the RAR distributed and deployed on every cluster node too?

      If the RAR is deployed on each cluster node simultaneously does this mean that the ResourceAdapters have to coordinate inbound EIS request?

      If the RAR (as part of an EAR deployed to a farm directory) is not distributed accross the cluster automatically, what will happen:

      Is it deployed on any node either?
      What will happen if the node on which the RAR is deployed crashes: does any failover scenario come into place (inbound as well as outbound)?

      What happens if only the RAR is deployed (as standalone archive not contained in a RAR)?

      Thanks a lot