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    Problem with Loadbalancing of Sateless Session Beans across

    Krishna Tummala Newbie

      I have setup a cluster with two nodes. I have a state less ejb which works as facade. I have clients installed on many machines which uses HA JNDI to lookup this state less ejb and call some methods on it. I am using RoundRobin policy and it works fine if one client sends multiple requests. each request would go to different server instance. But if two different clients sends two requests, both the requests would go to the same server(coz both the clients lookup for ejb separately).
      How can i achieve RoundRobin across the clients.
      I thought using FirstAvailableIdenticalAllProxies logic would do the trick. But i think AllProxies means all proxies for a given view id (FamilyClusterInfo have current view id in it.).
      Somebody please give me direction. Thanks in advance.