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    Unique for every server instance.

    penumutchu Newbie

      We are using jboss for over development. We are using multiple jboss instances in the network. All the jboss instances are listning to the same database. Each user request we are placing in the database. Now we want to distinguish the user request to which server the user has requested. We want to know wheather jboss is having any unique-id. Even if i restart the server i should be able to get the same id.

      Waiting for ur reply.


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          Kurt De Wit Newbie


          Perhaps a stupid idea, but why don't you bind a constant value to each JBoss AS's Naming Service with the same name and a different value that you use as a unique ID and include this value in your request to the server. Take a look at the properties service provided with each JBoss AS. Perhaps this is useful for your purpose.