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    Sub-Partitions or other solutions for scaling problem?

    Swen Barth Newbie

      As Sub-Partitions seem not to be implemented yet in 4.0.4. (according to the documentation I cited below), is there another solution for the following problem I'm not aware of?

      The documentation says:

      "A cluster (partition) contains a set of nodes that work toward a same goal. Some clustering features require to sub-partition the cluster to achieve a better scalability. For example, let's imagine that we have a 10-node cluster and we want to replicate in memory the state of stateful session beans on all 10 different nodes to provide for fault-tolerant behaviour. It would mean that each node has to store a backup of the 9 other nodes. This would not scale at all (each node would need to carry the whole state cluster load). It is probably much better to have some kind of sub-partitions inside a cluster and have beans state exchanged only between nodes that are part of the same sub-partition. The future JBoss clustering implementation will support sub-partitions and it will allow the cluster administrator to determine the optimal size of a sub-partition. The sub-partition topology computation will be done dynamically by the cluster."

      My question: is there a way to manually achieve a solution similar to sub-partitions? When will sub-partitions be implemented (not necessarily with full dynamic features)?