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    Reference to MBeanServer is local?

    Stratos Pavlakis Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to control an MBean service through its API. This Service will be either the JMX Timer or the JBoss Scheduler. To control it, I ll have to access it through the MBeanServer. In a clustered environment where I have declared the service to run as singleton I am gonna have the service running on one node and replicating its state for failover on the others.

      Here the problem turns up. An RMI client contacts a node of the cluster through a Session EB willing to register a new task to the scheduler. The session EJB resides on a random node not necessarily the master node (regarding the singleton). So if I just get the MBeanServer reference and next the Scheduler Mbean reference as described here
      wont I come up with local references actually?

      How can I deal with this problem? The only solution I ve considered until now is to find a way to bind the running (singleton) Mbean reference to the cluster wide JNDI tree but this in turn brings a bunch of new problems.

      thx in advance!