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    Compatible w Red Hat Cluster Suite?


      I can't seem to find any information on running JBoss clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite. Does anyone know if these are compatible? Our desire is to implement a shared, global filesystem with a J2EE cluster. The Red Hat GFS would be one possibility, but looks like it requires Red Hat Cluster Suite. And it's not clear if there would be any type of conflict between RHCS and JBoss clustering. Any thoughts or knowledge from actual experience would be appreciated.

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          I am not an RHCS expert, but JBoss clustering is shared-nothing architecture, based on in-memory replication. So it makes no sense to use GFS with it.

          Actually it shouldn't work at all as two JBoss instances can't share the same configuration directories (deploy, work, ...). But RHCS should be nice to balance / failover front-end apache_md_jk servers for your HTTP clients.

          Why do you think you need a shared global filesystem for your jboss cluster?