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    JGroups DistributedHashtable

    Stefan Kassal Newbie


      I think I have found an issue with DistributedHashtables (jgroups 2.4CR2)
      I have a XML file containing the protocol stack and create a ChannelFactory with that file.

      ChannelFactory factory=new JChannelFactory(new File(configFilePathM));

      The DistributedHashtable is created with
      DistributedHashtable distHashM = new DistributedHashtable(distChannelNameM,factory,channelProps,true,TIMEOUT);

      The problem is that the constructor of the DistributedHashtable class which I want to use uses the following:
      channel=factory != null ? factory.createChannel(properties) : new JChannel(properties);

      That means it always tries to uses the properties to create the channel and you cannot force it to use the configuration of the factory.

      This could be solved in a way that you check if the properties is null and if it is you call

      What do you think about this?

      Thanks and best regards,