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    What defines

    Darryl Beck Newbie

      I am on a corporate network where I get a different set of IP address depending on if I connect via wired or wireless.

      With wire:

      I can ping both computers from each other.

      I am able to start 2 instances of JBoss 4.0.4 on my 144... address and have them clustered and successfully farm deployments.

      When start the AS on the 10... address, it thinks it is the only server in the cluster. I have started all with the -D switch, so the cluster is named the same.

      I have added the following to the jndi.properties file on the 10... address:


      On startup of 10...., I get a NameAlreadyBoundException starting service HASessionState, and it still does not find the other servers.

      Is it possible to have these servers in a cluster, or do I need to move the 10... to the 144...?


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          Brian Stansberry Master

          You mentioned editing the jndi.properties file on the 10... address. If you are talking about the conf/jndi.properties file, please remove your changes; they will break all sorts of things and are almost certainly the cause of your NameAlreadyBoundException.

          Your problem is likely that your network is not allowing multicast communication between the two networks. Solutions are:

          1) Get IT to allow the multicast traffic to pass.
          2) Use non-multicast based configurations for the clustering traffic. The deploy/cluster-service.xml and deploy/tc5-cluster.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml files include example TCP-based configurations. You can uncomment and modify those for your environment, and comment out the UDP-based configurations above them.