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    Is there a Flat File Deployer?

    Andrew Boyd Novice

      Hi all,
      I have a 2 node cluster and I want to replicate some files across the cluster using the farm dir. Right now I get a ZipException because the Deployer thinks that they should be jars eventhough the extension is .log and .ctl

      If there is not such a beast does anyone have any examples of creating/extending a currently available deployer?



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          Brian Stansberry Master

          A deployer is intended for deploying things into JBoss. So, any deployer will complain about file types like .log and .ctl that aren't meant to result in a deployment. The ZipException is just a not very user-friendly way of the deployer saying "I don't know what to do with this file; as a last resort I tried to unzip it to see if anything I understood was inside and that failed too."

          The Farm service is a specialized deployer and thus has the above behavior. It is not intended for general purpose file replication.

          One alternative is to use JBoss Cache. There was a thread on the JBC user forum recently about this. Idea is you convert the file into a byte[] and put it in the cache, which then replicates it. Using JBC as a file replication service wasn't one of the core use cases for which JBC was designed, but it should work.