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    clustering in SUse entreprise server 9.0

    Juan Carbajal Newbie

      I have 2 nodes(application server) JBOSS 4.0.4 GA version and one load balancer(apache 2.0.58/mod jk1.2.15) I try to make both work on a sticky session fashion It means when I make a the load balancer a request node A resolves having node B disabled.
      I enable node B and then both nodes synchronize sessions(I see this through jboss console how versioning goes along) I disable node A
      and node B keeps resolving requests with the same session.
      When I enable node A and still B enable expecting it resolves requests nad it seems to be synchronized however if I disable node B it no longer resolves my request and the message I get is:cannot add session with id=session(session id) workername(name of worker of node A) because it is invalid.

      We tried with JDK 1.5 and 1.4 our application is set as distributable and the jboss-web.xml is
      and we also tried with

      we also tried cache replication syncronous and asyncronous
      we also tried isolation level repeteable_read and read_uncommited(dirty read)
      we also tried change of setting in jgroup from udp to tcp
      We are using Suse enterprise server 9.0

      funny we tried in windows and it went through

      any suggestion?

      I've been trying to solve this problem through these last 3 weeks
      I would really appreciate your help.