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    Number of nodes in a cluster

    Vishal K Newbie

      I have added two nodes to a cluster - but I am unable to add a third one to the cluster.

      Can anyone suggest anything on this? I am using in cluster-service.xml.

      I will appreciate any suggestions.


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          1. U say u added 2 nodes, but couldn't add a third. . . could you elaborate on the process you went through.
          2. How do you know that first two have joined the cluster.? Do you see any JGroups messages in the logs telling you about member joining the cluster?
          3. If yes, do you see any simmilar (ERROR, WARNING type) messages telling you about any oter members trying to join the cluster. . . ? and so on. . .

          You have to post more details.

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            Vishal K Newbie

            Thanks for your response!

            I can see messages on the jboss consoles saying the number of new nodes, the number of total nodes in the cluster.
            I could test failover also - on a sample application .

            Actually my third node is located on a separate subnet. I have enabled TCP in cluster-service.xml and jboss-service.xml on all the three nodes
            (Same happens when I use UDP).

            My two nodes are working fine in the same subnet - but the third node(in different is not recognised). It gives no errors or warnings when I start the three instances.

            I have just copy pasted the jboss/all in the third node so should not have any issues with cluster names etc.

            I have one more question:-
            I am trying to enable BuddyReplication in my Jboss - but when I add the lines :-

            <!-- Buddy Replication config -->



            link - I get some weird errors like - the attribute values are not enabled.

            How do I do Buddy Replication is Jboss.

            Thanks for any responses.

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              Vishal K Newbie


              I was using jboss 4.0.4 and Buddy replication is not supported in 4.0.4
              I got it through 4.0.5. jboss 4.0.5 has updated jbosscache for buddy replication

              But have some issues there too.I have raised a post for that too.
              (Name of post - Buddy Replication Issues)