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    Clustered MDB load balance

    Carlos Augusto Grahl Newbie

      Hi, all!

      I have 2 machines in clustered environment. The cluster works fine. But I need to configure the MDB pool size individually, on each machine. For example:

      One machine (which is a little bit slow) must have only 10 instances of MDB A, and the other machine (which is fast) must have 30 instances of MDB A. Both MDBs listens to the same JMS Queue.

      How to configure that?

      Thank you in advance.

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          VisolveGroup Novice


          You can set the pool size for MDB in the following file on jboss.

          At standardjboss.xml file in the path, <JBOSS_HOME>/server/all/conf/standardjboss.xml

          189 <invoker-proxy-binding>
           190 <name>message-driven-bean</name>
           191 <invoker-mbean>default</invoker-mbean>
           192 <proxy-factory>org.jboss.ejb.plugins.jms.JMSContainerInvoker</proxy-factory>
           193 <proxy-factory-config>
           194 <JMSProviderAdapterJNDI>DefaultJMSProvider</JMSProviderAdapterJNDI>
           195 <ServerSessionPoolFactoryJNDI>StdJMSPool</ServerSessionPoolFactoryJNDI>
           196 <CreateJBossMQDestination>true</CreateJBossMQDestination>
           197 <!-- WARN: Don't set this to zero until a bug in the pooled executor is fixed -->
           198 <MinimumSize>1</MinimumSize>
           199 <MaximumSize>15</MaximumSize>
           200 <KeepAliveMillis>30000</KeepAliveMillis>
           201 <MaxMessages>1</MaxMessages>
           202 <MDBConfig>
           203 <ReconnectIntervalSec>10</ReconnectIntervalSec>
           204 <DLQConfig>
           205 <DestinationQueue>queue/DLQ</DestinationQueue>
           206 <MaxTimesRedelivered>10</MaxTimesRedelivered>
           207 <TimeToLive>0</TimeToLive>
           208 </DLQConfig>
           209 </MDBConfig>
           210 </proxy-factory-config>
           211 </invoker-proxy-binding>

          Hope, this might solve your problem.

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            Carlos Augusto Grahl Newbie

            Thank you for your response.

            Only more one question: It's possible to configure this pool size individually, per machine? Since this MDB is clustered, Jboss accepts individual configuration?

            Thank you,

            Carlos Augusto Grahl

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              Brian Stansberry Master

              Yes, this can be configured per machine.