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    suggestionbox doesn't work. Pls help.

    Raj Rajendran Newbie

      MyFaces 1.1.4, Tomahawk 1.1.4, RichFaces 3.0.1, Ajax4JSF 1.1.1, Facelets 1.1.10 on TomCat 6.0

      Every single richFaces component that I have tried works fine, but I could not get the suggestion box to work no matter what. The demo war deployed works fine. But when I try to use the suggestionbox component in my webapp, that's when it fails. There are no JavaScript errors. I can see in the log that the backing bean is getting initialized. (I put printlns in the constructor). But when I type "A" in the suggestion box, the autocomplete method is not getting called. Absolutely no errors in the logs.
      I have pretty much copied the exact code that you have in the demo war.
      Something in my webapp is not right, causing this to fail.
      I have tried to swap MyFaces with RI jars, still same result. Also tried with 3.0.1 RichFaces snapshot jar, still same.

      I am willing to email my war to anyone interested and willing to help.
      Any advice is highly appreciated.