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    xmbean behavior in cluster

    John Newbie


      i have a xmbean which persists its attributes.
      Which behavior has this in a clustered environment?
      Each node has its own instance, and if i edit (in the JMX-Console) a property the new value will be persists only on the current node? If it is so, can i configure that the value will persists on every node?


       <description>Configuration XMBean</description>
       <persistence persistPolicy="OnUpdate" persistLocation="${jboss.server.data.dir}" persistName="config"/>
       <currencyTimeLimit value="0"/>
       <state-action-on-update value="keep-running"/>
       <persistence-manager value="org.jboss.mx.persistence.DelegatingPersistenceManager"/>


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          Brian Stansberry Master

          The value will only be updated on the local node; mbean state is not propagated around the cluster.

          I believe there is a JIRA to propagate mbean changes around the cluster; either in the JBoss Application Server project or the JBoss Clustering project. You can vote for the JIRA. But, to be honest, I doubt anything will happen on it in the next 6 to 9 months.