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    Images/Java Script do not load the first time

    Rajesh Chande Newbie


      Environment Details:
      JBoss Version: 4.0.3SP1
      OS: Solaris 10
      Apache: 2.0.54
      Load Balancer: F5.

      I have a cluster of 2 nodes running fine. When I access the application in a new browser window, the page loads, but without the images and java scripts. This happens but not consistently.

      Sometimes (very few though) the page loads absolutely fine.

      Where is the exact issue for images and java script not loading the frst time? Is it F5 load balancer, apache or jboss that needs some configuration changes?

      Also, on the "refresh", it reloads the page and everything loads fine. Also on a refresh, it again asks for Single sign on login. This is not good too. Why does it happen?