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    cluster-config.xml or jboss-service.xml

    Alan Moor Newbie

      I was under the impression that C:\jboss-4.0.5.GA\server\hmc\deploy\tc5-cluster.sar\META-INF\jboss-service.xml was the new, cool place to configure http session replication. I set it up to use tcp, works great and everything, yet I get

      20:44:36,484 ERROR [UDP] exception=java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host: Datagram send failed, msg=[dst:, src: DAYMDEV001:1036 (additional data: 14 bytes) (2 headers), size = 0 bytes], mcast_addr=

      The only place is mentioned in my configuration is the cluster-config.xml in the deploy directory.

      Do I have to configure both? Should I delete cluster-config.xml? What gives?