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    login problems on cluster

    luca ballestin Newbie

      Hi all!
      We have created an application that works fine on a single jboss.

      Now, we need to go on a cluster.

      I've configured a load balancer and 2 jboss, with mod_jk.

      Session replication seems to work fine.

      The only problem is in the login phase.
      When only one of the two jboss is up all works.
      if both are up, login fail, due to this error:

      Invalid direct reference to form login page

      The error is the same of the direct access to the LoginPage.

      Tha application use a custom JAAS login module, and FORM authentication.
      SingleSignOn is enabled.

      With basic auth all works fine (except logout) ...but i need a form auth

      Any advice?

      The web.xml is

      <web-resource-name>Secure Content</web-resource-name>