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    Popup window appearance different in going from richfaces-3.

    Mark Weatherill Newbie

      Problem statement: in upgrading from RichFaces 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, i noticed that in popup windows, the behaviour of <rich:panel> components seems to have changed.
      In my case, i have a <rich:modalPanel> enclosing a <rich:panel>.
      Before, the header of the <rich:panel> stretched for 100% of the width of the enclosing <rich:modalPanel>; but in 3.0.1 the enclosed panel now appears with invisible border padding all around. I can see this to be the case because i can put a style attribute in the component with "border-style: solid;" and it draws a box all around the panel a few pixels in from the edge of the enclosing modalPanel.
      The question is thus: is it possible, in this release of RichFaces, to get the same display behaviour as with version 3.0.0?
      Thanks for any help folks!
      Mark Weatherill.