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    ServiceBindingManager and 4.2.0CR1

    Bob Brown Newbie

      I tried setting up ServiceBindingManager according to the wiki:

      I find that when I start up the FIRST instance, I get an error telling me that port 4446 is already in use.

      The wiki says:

      AS 4.0.2 has a known bug : one of the ports (4446) is not included in the sample-bindings.xml file and therefore will continue to conflict even after selecting an alternate port configuration in your jboss-service.xml. To fix this simply select an alternate port (something other than 4446 that is not being used) in cluster-service.xml configuration (obviously not necessary if you are not using the ALL configuration with clustering support). This bug is being fixed in our next release.

      I came across this on a pristine box which had never seen another version of JBoss.

      Apologies, don't have the log file with me now (posting from home, not work); have probably already lost the file...

      Just thought someone might like to know...