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    Clustering not working on Windows XP out of the box

    Tom Hampton Newbie

      I just switched to JBoss AS 4.0.5 (previously was using 4.0.3SP1). I followed the same steps that I had previously used to configure 2 clustered JBoss instnaces on my laptop running Windows XP.

      1) copy the "all" configuration to "node1" and "node2"
      2) edit the /conf/jboss-service.xml file to enable the ServiceBindingManager. Using ports-01 for node1 & ports-02 for node2
      3) start node1
      4) wait for node1 to finish starting
      5) start node2

      I then check to see if the TomcatClusteringCache service has more than one member.

      This works in 4.0.3SP1 but not in 4.0.5 on my Windows XP laptop. However, both versions work fine on my Solaris 9 machine.

      I did not make any other configuration changes.