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    MBean -> HASingletonSupport and no injection

    Dok Tora Newbie


      I converted an MBean to an HASingleton. The result was that injection via annotation stopped working (ex: @EJB and @PersistenceContext).

      Is this a "feature" or misconfiguration on my part?

      Here is some code. Before, DataProvider used to implement MBeanRegistration.

      // The interface
      public interface DataProviderMBean extends HASingletonMBean {
       public void startSingleton();
       public void stopSingleton();
      // The implementation
      public class DataProvider extends HASingletonSupport implements DataProviderMBean
       @PersistenceContext(unitName = "client")
       protected EntityManager em;
       @EJB SystemSettings sys;
       public void startSingleton()
       public void stopSingleton()

      from jboss-service.xml:
      <mbean code="project.DataProvider" name="project:service=dataprovider">

      Has anyone encountered this before. It seems illogical to me and is quite frustrating.

      -- doktora