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    HA-Singleton / JMS Connection Factories

    Marcelo Leite Newbie


      i've configured a simple cluster using Apache+mod_jk as a Load Balancer.
      I have two JBOSS nodes configured and this works fine, but i have a problem.

      When i make a request for my app and the LB redirect it to the "master" node it works fine and the functionality requested execute without errors.

      But, if the LB redirect the request to another node, it fails with the error below.

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: XAConnectionFactory not bound

      JMS connection factories is implemented as HA-Singleton in JBoss which means that it is running only on one "master" node in a cluster.

      Perhaps this is the cause of this exception.

      Is there something special that i have to do on nodes or on LB?

      Best Regards!