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    How to configure heartbeat on Cluster env!

    gerald zhou Newbie

      I have 2 nodes on my cluster env with Jboss4.05GA on RedHat AH3.
      eth0 :
      "" and "" connect directly and the "" and "" connecte with a switch. I want the cluster message (UDP message) throws the x.x.100.x. But i also want other server can find this cluster with "jnp:,jnp:". How can i configure it. I has try this:
      ./run.sh -c all -b . Then other server cant' find the Jboss server.
      After that, i try again as this:
      ./run.sh -c all -b I find the 2 Jboss server communicate with the x.x.0.x. it's not my wanted.

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          Brian Stansberry Master


          ./run.sh -c all -b -Dbind.address=

          JGroups will use the value of the "bind.address" system property to determine what interface to use. Other services use "jboss.bind.address". When you use -b, when JBoss starts it sets both of those properties to the provided value. But if you directly specify "bind.address" as I did above, the value you give will supercede the -b value, so JGroups will use that value.