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    Factors to consider for clustering an application ???

    Deiveehan Newbie

      Hi - I have a web application which has the following:
      Web (Struts) + EJB 2.0 (Stateless, Stateful and Entity) + Custom DAO

      What are the factors i should consider or plan before I cluster the application.

      I hope we should consider these:
      1. EJBs
      2. Singleton classes (I am not sure how changes made in singleton classes in one server will be reflected in the other).
      3. File handling: A component in one server is changing the content in one server. I dont know how it will be reflected in the other server. Should the file be stored in a common place so that all server has access to it. Or is there any way that the files will be automaticaly migrated if you place it in a special folder.

      Kindly let me know if I am missing any other factors.