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    Handling EJB calls from script server to Clustered Jboss

    Deiveehan Newbie

      I am having 2 jboss instance running in different machines and are clustered with load balancing technique. A Unix script server is running in another machine having schedules jobs with EJB Client. Based upon the schedule the scripts calls the EJB client which calls the EJB bean running in the Jboss instance.

      But the problem is I donot know how to configure the JNDI lookup such that even if a node fails another node will take care the EJB call. currently i have given only one node URL for the JNDI look up.

      I am successful in load balancing with different requests from the client but i donot know how to establish a external EJB call from the script server to Jboss instances. Please help to resolve this issue.