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    How to Disable default clustering in JBOSS?

    Mitesh Patek Newbie

      I am new to JBOSS and having one problem. I am having client-server application made in SWT and EJB3.0. I am using EAR file named 'DB2DSPRD.ear' to deploy on the server.
      The problem i am facing is that even if my local server is DOWN it goes to search another server in the LAN in which the EAR named DB2DSPRD is deployed and fetches the data. I think it is a small thing related to clustering. on the server console it shows me all the JBOSS up in the LAN like..

      [DefaultPartition] I am ( received membershipChanged event:
      [DefaultPartition] Dead members: 1 ([])
      [DefaultPartition] New Members : 0 ([])
      [DefaultPartition] All Members : 3 ([,,])
      [DefaultPartition] New cluster view for partition DefaultPartition: 5539 ([,,,

      I guess i have to change or disable default clustering in some XML file..but i m not aware of the specific location.. so need help.