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    multiple JBoss servers session expire (loadbalancer) problem


      Hello JBoss gurus,

      Currently I am facing a very painstaking problem. I want to have a 1 web server + 2 app servers configuration for the sake of fault tolerance. So I use loadbalancer in "worker.properties" file. Also in that file, I specify two JBoss app servers' names. And that works well.

      However, I found the loadbalancer can make the request go to each app server one after another. But that caused a problem when a user logs in. When we access authenticate.jsp in one app server, it works well. However, when we submit the username, the request are actually transferred to app server 2. And server 1 reports session expire error, with a link for us to go back. When we click that link, the request goes back to server 1 again and seems that the username has been approved. But when we submit anything in there, server 2 takes control again and server 1 reports session expire again. So the "working well" and "session expire" apprear consecutively as the request goes back and forth between those two app servers.

      Could anyone tell me if this is a problem in application or in JBoss configuration. If it is due to JBoss, what should I do? Thanks, in advance