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    mutlihomed, multi-instance JBoss nodes w/ clustering - How c

    Steve Hillier Newbie

      My test machines are both mutlihomed (6 NICS a piece).

      I want to dedicate 1 NIC for the multicast traffc, 1 for mgmt, and 2 (bonded) for incoming connections to the HTTP listner.

      Each test machine has sun jdk 1.5.0_12
      Each test machine has Jboss AS 4.0.5-GA

      Using the service binding manager, I've configured 4 instances of JBoss on each test machine.

      Each instance of jboss has it's own set of ports.

      On each machine, every instance is passed a different value for the Partition Name.
      So after starting all 4 jboss instances, I should have 4 clusters (1 node a piece). So far so good.

      The problem is when I copy these configs to the second test machine and try to start a second instance of JBoss for each of the 4 running clusters - this is where things get very strange:

      based on the logs, it appears that the instances see each, but one of the two get's evicted almost immediately with no recovery.

      There are numerous messsages about suspect mutlicast traffic -- and I'm guessing this is because I have 4 processes binding to a single nic for multicast traffic - but each instance has been configured with specific mcast_port so the messages shouldn't be interfering but it looks like they are.

      First question: is what I'm trying even possible using multi-cast?

      Second question: are there extra settings outside cluster-service.xml and the port bindings file that I need to configure to enable mutliple instances of JBoss to use mutli-cast messaging over a single NIC?

      Are there any special caveats, settings, or other details related to a configuration like this I should be aware of?

      I did my best to scour the internet before posting, there aren't too many people who talk about a configuration similar to mine.

      If I did miss something, please feel free to point me in the right direction. All help appreciated and welcome.