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    Questions on EJB3.0 Entity Bean Clustering and Node Detectio

    Dennis Dietrichs Newbie


      I have two questions abour Clustering in Jboss 4.2.

      1) EJB3.0 Entity Bean Clustering

      Do I get it right that there is no other clustering mechanism for entity beans than the Entity Cache? What is best practise, if I want to avoid having a single database server? Would I use replication on DBMS level and have every cluster node use the local database? In such a setup: Has anyone got some experience with mysql NDB clustering?

      2) Node Detection

      In the documentation I found I only read about cluster node detection in the sense that the local network is scanned for nodes? I have a setup where cluster nodes would be distributed over different networks? Is there a way I can tell the cluster config an explicit list of addresses to check for?

      Thanks for your help!

      Regards from Munich -