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    question on clustering

    Hari Sundharesan Newbie

      I have setup a cluster of 4 machines, the ejb resides in 3 machines and the remote call is made from the other machine

      -----------------------------server 1

      -----server 2---------------server 3-----------server 4

      hence the service resides as a ejb in 2 ,3 and 4, calls are made to this via HAJNDI from 1. hence the load is balanced between 2,3 and 4. 1 is more like my central server.

      now can i remove any of the machines (2 or 3 or 4) from the cluster at runtime ?

      it shouldnt be shutting down the machine, but by configuration alone (preferrably on the server 1) i should be able to reduce the cluster to 3 machines. 1 will always be part of the cluster.