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    Use TomcatClusteringCache or create my own cache service?

    Matt Cristantello Newbie

      I need to share a small amount of data between members of my JBoss cluster, and I think a JBossCache instance will do the trick. Is it better to use the already existing TomcatClusteringCache used by the ClusteredSingleSignOn valve or to create my own JBossCache MBean service instead?

      We are basically just using a remote procedure call (XMLRPC at the moment) to write a small packet of data about a user being redirected into JBoss from a legacy system so they can be logged in automatically when the legacy system forwards them to JBoss.

      I'd just be using the JBossCache as a distributed hash map so that the user can pick up their information packet regardless of which member of the cluster they are directed to.

      Thanks in advance,