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    Out of the box cluster problem

    Tim Shaw Newbie

      Using AS 4.2.1.GA on RH Linux 5 - 2 identical machines on isolated network.
      2 machines with 2 JBoss 'all' configurations (jboss1_1, jboss1_2 and jboss2_1, jboss2_2).
      Start JBoss's on jboss1 - no problem. Instances see each other.
      Start JBoss's on jboss2 - same.
      Start jboss1_1 on jboss1 and jboss2_1 on jboss2. They don't see each other!
      Network is served by a switch - ping shows all hosts correctly. Jboss's are started with -u 'route add -net etc.' done for both machines.

      Please help - Any suggestions for where to start?