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    Shared bean in two different servers, instead of server1 to

    Vijesh Newbie


      We have two different servers with some common reusable beans deployed in both.

      serverA calls the GenericBean in serverB. Even though the look up is done specifying url of serverB, the invocation is happening on the local GenericBean available in the serverA!!!

      Oddly, this behaviour is found only when the bean is clustered !!. Otherwise, the call reaches serverB as expected (in both default and all configuration).

      InvokerInterceptor.hasLocalTarget returns true. i.e return Registry.lookup(invocation.getObjectName()) != null; is true.

      Why is it happening only when the bean is clustered???.
      We would expect the call to go to serverB in both clustered and non-clustered state.

      JBoss 4.0.5
      ejb 2.1
      jdk 5
      Default clustering/loadbalancing configurations
      Same behaviour in single node and multi node clustering scenario

      Hopes to get some hints