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    Port Numbers in Horizontal Cluster

    Cody Addison Newbie

      Hello again,

      I have a new question regarding the BindException which I receive when I start certain nodes in my cluster.

      I have a vertical cluster defined, which works as of now. The I.P.'s are concurrent, (i.e.,, Now I want to introduced another set of concurrent nodes, with a different range of I.p. addresses. (i.e.,, When I do this, the first range of nodes (1-3) see the new nodes, but I get BindingExceptions when I start my new nodes. Can someone please explain to me why the new nodes (ip's 11-13) must have different port numbers? All nodes are referring to the same cluster, (DefaultPartition). I do not understand why the first set of nodes are able to use the same port numbers, while the second set of nodes must have different values... Any advice/tips/guidance is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance...