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    How does JMS clustering work?

    R B Newbie

      Apologize in advance for asking very basic questions, however I am new to JMS/ JBossMQ and trying to understand its intricacies, how it works, etc.

      Would like to know how exactly JMS supports clustering. i.e. in a distributed environment, where would the JMS queue reside? How would each node in the cluster communicate with others to send message, receive responses?

      From what i read on the internet, I understand that JBossMQ doesnt really support clustering, however JBoss Messaging does. Is this true? Can someone elaborate more on this?

      Is there any document on the JBoss Wiki that gives some more information on how exactly the Messaging internals work in JBossMQ/JBoss Messaging? I came across a lot of JMS tutorials that all explain the programatic aspects of JMS,but nothing which explanis actually tells how JMS works. So any document on the internet that give more details about the internals of JMS would be of great help!

      Thanks in advance.