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    JBoss HAJNDI creating /tmp/mrf59880.tmp file

    Edgar Hahm Newbie

      Is anyone familiar with JBoss creating a temporary file in /tmp/mrf59880.tmp?

      I'm using Apache 2.0 software load-balancing on 2 JBoss 4.2.1.GA servers, with HAJNDI clustering with an external MySQL database. All systems are running on RHEL4 with JDK5.

      When HAJNDI was failing (due to mod-jk, worker.properties misconfiguration), I noticed that a huge temporary file (~ 4GB) was getting created as /tmp/mrf59880.tmp. Strangely, it disappeared as soon as Apache was restarted with corrected configuration.

      Now everything is working, but I still don't know what this tmp file does or whether it will be created again. Does anyone have any insight into this?