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    JBoss TreeCache

    Matthew Adubato Newbie


      I currently have JBoss 4.0.3SP1 and have it running using clustering. When I start my 1st node, it seems it retains all the previous instances of that node in the TreeCache. I'm trying to clear this cache. View below -

      GMS: address is qasite40:32793
      14:31:03,496 INFO [TreeCache] viewAccepted(): new members: [, qasite40:33836, qasite40:33844, qasite40:33853, qasite40:33863, qasite40:33905, qasite40:34087, qasite40:34195, qasite40:34206, qasite40:34269, qasite40:34277,,,,, qasite40:34310, qasite40:34321, qasite40:32779, qasite40:32786,,, qasite40:32775, qasite40:32888, qasite40:32947, qasite40:32999, qasite40:33007, qasite40:33014, qasite40:33025, qasite40:33036, qasite40:33074, qasite40:33148, qasite40:33156, qasite40:33165, qasite40:33195, qasite40:33204, qasite40:33217, qasite40:33228, qasite40:33245, qasite40:33267, qasite40:33373, qasite40:32793]
      14:31:03,536 INFO [TreeCache] received the state (size=5160 bytes)
      14:31:03,544 INFO [TreeCache] transient state: 5108 bytes
      14:31:03,544 INFO [TreeCache] setting transient state
      14:31:03,579 INFO [TreeCache] locking the old tree
      14:31:03,580 INFO [TreeCache] locking the old tree was successful
      14:31:03,580 INFO [TreeCache] setting the transient state was successful
      14:31:03,581 INFO [TreeCache] forcing release of all locks in old tree
      14:31:03,581 INFO [TreeCache] state was retrieved successfully (in 87 milliseconds)

      I tried logging in thru the jmx-console and using the MBeans provided to clear this, but I am unsuccessful. Any guidance would be appretiated.