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    Running a Cluster with -default Possible for Security Reason

    Geoffrey Carlisle Newbie

      Hello everyone I'm new to Jboss clustering but I have all of the guides that I could possibly get my hands on and I have successfully set up a jboss cluster making some of the recommended changes like setting the HApartition via the jboss.default.partition system property etc and I am currently in the process of testing load balancing. (hope all goes well!)

      My question is about running a cluster using -default instead of -all. The system will be in a secure location and there are some concerns about running -all. Is there a way to run a cluster in -default and add the necessary jar files, service files etc and make it work? Or do we just need to run in it in -all and look it down accordingly from there?

      Any insight or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.