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    deploying applications in selected Multiple Nodes in JBOSS 4

    viswanadh vadlamannati Newbie

      Hi Friends, I am working on JBoss 4.2.1

      My task is to deploy an application (ear file or war file) in clustered environment.The catch here is I need to deploy the application in selected multiple nodes.

      for e.g. I have 3 Nodes Node1,Node2,Node3. and I would like to deploy the application in Node1,Node3 (and not Node2).Even though all the nodes are in cluster. In the sense ,If I start the server like,

      for "all"
      run -c all
      for Node1
      run -c Node1
      for Node2
      run -c Node2
      for Node3
      run -c Node3

      If we see in the console of "all" we can see that all the server(Node1.Node2,Node3) are in cluster and shows as shown below

      12:14:19,649 INFO [DefaultPartition] All Members : 3 ([,,])

      Some body told me that If we deploy the application (ear or war) in "all\deploy " , "Node1\deploy" , "Node3\deploy" and not in Node2

      (since I would like to deploy the application in Node1, Node3 only and not in Node2).

      then it would be deployed and those two nodes only.

      I did the same as I explained above,

      (1) I want to know whether this method is correct
      (2) If so , How to know the Nodes are having the same application and those nodes are in cluster (Node1,Node2).

      Please any body can show some light on this.

      If all the above information is not correct , can any body tell me ,

      (3)can we deploy the application in selected multiple Nodes are not?
      (4)If so please let me know how to do that?