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    error with org.jgroups.protocols.pbcast.NAKACK

    Sim Tran Newbie


      I was able to cluster two instance by using the all directory and everything works accordingly. However, I have been trying to search online for the following error message:

      2008-02-21 09:43:28,600 ERROR [org.jgroups.protocols.pbcast.NAKACK] (requester=<server1ip>:38638, local_addr=<server2ip>:59284) message <server2ip>:59284::141323 not found in sent msgs.
      Sent messages: [141220 - 141343] (124)

      I found one URL with similar case but the answer was not completely clear. Can someone please let me know what the above message mean or why I am getting the ERROR message. The above message appeared only once out of 5 hours. If more information is need, please let me know. Thank you.